Calvary Chapel


On March 18th they sold their home and 2 days later, without a job or any earthly rhyme or reason, were on their way to their new home. They had been in the Charleston area for about a month and were still unsure as to why, but after much prayer, tears, counsel, and more prayer, and with the much appreciated help and counsel of Pastor Richard Perea of Calvary Chapel of Charleston, God confirmed to Vic and Melanie that He had brought them across the country to plant a church in Summerville, SC.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned through my service unto the Lord, and my many years of exhaustive study of the word," says Pastor Vic, "it’s that God’s call doesn’t always make sense to us, but if we just trust Him, demonstrate our faith by walking into the unknown, He is ALWAYS faithful and true to His promises."

I am both honored and humbled that God has chosen me to pastor this church. My family and I are excited to be here and look forward to serving the people of Summerville for many years to come”  -- Pastor Vic

 Our Journey to South Carolina